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True Blood season two is not only killing the competition ratings-wise, it's also really stepping up the mystery. Last night was like watching an episode of Lost that actually revealed answers.

So what did we learn from the kidnapping, betrayal and possible death?

First and foremost, as we first told you in January, Maryann (Michelle Forbes) is a maenad. Basically she's a female follower of Dionysus. Daphne (Ashley Jones) explains that she's quite like a follower of the devil, implanting her energy into a person and making them sin like crazy. We also learned that she's a killer, even if you are a devotee.

Which leads us to discovering that Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) is her killer henchman. Of course, he doesn't know what's going on because he blacks out at the time, but he's definitely killed before and, as we saw last night when he knifed Daphne, he'll most likely kill again.

In the midst of all this, Tara (Rutina Wesley) and the rest of Bon Temps has no idea what's been happening when they black out at those "special" parties. The look of realization on Tara's face when she hears that Arlene (Carrie Preston) had the same experience is very telling that Tara's not going to let this slide. Hopefully Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) can help the town figure it out, even though he thinks he's surrounded by zombies.

Over at the Fellowship of the Sun church, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) thinks he's being punished for sleeping with Steve Newlin's wife, but in actuality they think he loves vampires since sister Sookie (Anna Paquin) is locked up in the basement.

Speaking of, Sookie discovers that Hugo is actually the traitor who sold Godric out to the church. The big question though: Is Isabel (Valerie Cruz) secretly in on it, or has she truly been betrayed by her love? Did anyone else find it odd that Godric saved Sookie, yet he hasn't been able to leave himself? If, as Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) says, nothing human could stop Godric from escaping, what exactly is keeping him down below?

Finally, Sarah Newlin turned on Jason, shooting him at the end of the episode. That wasn't a real gun though, right? Maybe a Taser? A wooden bullet? Jason can't be dead, right? Right?!

OK, so maybe we were off with that whole getting answers thing. There are many more new questions than we thought, which means it's time to hit the comments with what you think is really going on here.


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