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If you've been following the saga of the Gossip Girl spinoff, you may have heard that American Dreams star Brittany Snow was in the running to play the future Lily Van der Woodsen (née Rhodes and played by Kelly Rutherford on the existing show, of course).

Well, we caught up with confirmed spinoff castmember Krysten Ritter last night at the premiere party for her current show, Breaking Bad, and she revealed that Snow is a go to play her sister!

She told us exclusively, "They just cast Brittany Snow. It's definitely official, and I think I'm the first one to know that. It wasn't official earlier, I saw on the Internet, but now it is official."

But what else does she know about the characters and, most importantly, their hair? Here's what Krysten dished...

Krysten says of her role as Carol Rhodes, "I'm so excited. I scored. It's a fantastic part. The character is so good—she's a total badass black sheep of the family. It's set in the '80s."

As for the casting of her new baby sister, little Lily, Krysten thinks, "It's going to be so good. I'm excited. I think that her and I together will have a great time, and it's going to center around both of us and I think it's going to be good."

And regarding the terribly important issue of hairstyles, Krysten says, "I think I'm probably staying with the black hair and I think she's probably going blond. But I'm sure it will be all crimped, and…bust out the Aqua-Net!" (Hell to the yes.)

In addition to her new gig on the tentatively titled Lily (although inside sources tell us that title will very likely change before upfronts in May), Krysten appears on season two of AMC's Breaking Bad (which premieres March 8) beginning with episode five. She'll play a wild and crazy love interest for Aaron Paul's character Jesse Pinkman.

Krysten can also be seen in the now playing Confessions of a Shopaholic. Of her many cool gigs, including stints on WWK stalwarts Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars, she grins and says, "I'm just trying to hustle!" (Love.)

In other Gossip Girl news, multiple sources also confirm that No Doubt will be appear (and play some rock 'n' roll music) on the mothership on May 11.

Are you excited for the Brittany casting? Have you ever seen Breaking Bad and would you give it a chance if we begged? Does the Bluck stuff in this Gossip Girl promo make you squeal with joy?

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