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Has Mickey Rourke's revived winning streak run its course? Right before being beaten by Sean Penn this past weekend (figuratively, that is), Mick poetically described to us his sluggish crawl back to the spotlight as "a long nightmare that turned into a dream."

But after suffering the loss of a Best Actor Oscar, his beloved pup Loki and maybe even a prime role in Iron Man 2, in just one week's time, is all this bad luck gonna spark another downward spiral?

We sure hope not, but it's a definite possibility—a self-destructive personality doesn't just disappear with a few trophies (or with a few rounds of acupuncture).

And if Rourke is seriously dating Courtney Love, he's gonna need more help than ever before. Those close to the mercurial man spoke to us about his future in the Biz, par-tick in the superhero sequel:

Mick's participation in Iron Man 2 is still in purgatory—not 'cause the producers don't want him, but because they don't want him for much. Way to ruin a man's ego.

"Right now, we're not doing Iron Man," was what M.R. told NY Mag during a fashion week fete, clearly insulted he was offered a humiliating $250,000 for the role of Whiplash.

Before you bitch that you'd gladly star alongside Robert Downey Jr. for that amount, think on this—Razzie winner Paris Hilton was reportedly paid more than double that for one night's work hosting a New Year's Eve party. Seem unfair now which H'wood players are being handsomely paid for their efforts and which so are not?

At least Rourke's The Wrestler director Darren Aronofsky thinks he'd be the perf addition to IM2, for a much more respectable offer. "I think he'd be great!" he tells us. "To see him and Robert Downey Jr. duke it out, two of the best actors in the world acting together—that would be a thrill to see. But who knows."

Everyone loves an underdog, and two of the year's best comeback stories in one flick is too delicious to pass up. Hell, why not cast Britney Spears as the Black Widow, now that Emily Blunt's out of the running?

So what if IM2 doesn't work out for M.R.? Then what? "He's on the cover of USA Today, he's on the cover of LA Times, he's a style icon," says Aronofsky of his typically oddly donned amigo. "Mickey Rourke, style icon! It's insane."

Couldn't agree with ya more on that one, Dar. We contacted Rourke's reps ourselves to see if either party has had a change of heart on the paycheck, but no one's made a new move.

Mick, we think you deserve way more, but better to take the role no matter what. You should be thrilled a high-profile superhero flick is even thinking your name right now, when your career could be, and has been, so much worse.

Just promise us you'll never step foot back in the ring again unless you and Darren team up again for The Wrestler 2, 'kay?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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