Nadya Suleman

NBC/Paul Drinkwater

All this Octomom versus Octograndpa, Octograndma and Octodad stuff is giving us octofatigue, but Nadya Suleman is not going away anytime soon. (She's even being followed by the paparazzi now. "You mean the paparazzi are here to watch me play in the park? So happy!")

Fresh on the heels of Suleman's possible sperm donor/ex-boyfriend telling Good Morning America, "It just seems like a lot of her statements that she's made have been really inaccurate" and just before her father goes on Oprah to question his daughter's mental stability later today, Nadya and her mother, Angela Suleman, are fighting face-to-face.

In an exclusive interview with, Nadya lectures her mother, who's gone from expressing disapproval over her daughter's decision to reconciling and now back to openly disagreeing with her.

Nadya chides Angela over and over that she needs to, "Learn to let go of what I chose to do.”

But Angela can’t let go because Nadya "should have considered the other six children.” She goes on to say she feels sorry for her 14 grandchildren, "because there’s so many and how are you going to be able to provide for them?"

Uh, easy. Nadya explains she’s going to let go and accept the help that has been offered. This marks the end of round one, Nadya shoots the camera a sheepish grin and Radar promises to bring us more clips like this throughout the week.

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