Nicky Hilton

Michael Tran/Getty Images

The moral of this story: Don't get between Nicky Hilton and her late-night flapjacks.

A Los Angeles man was arrested early Saturday for allegedly messing with Paris' little sister outside an IHOP in West Hollywood.

L.A. County sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore tells E! News the 25-year-old Hilton was at the front door of the pancake purveyor around 4:50 a.m. when she was shoved in the back.

"One of our deputies was in the IHOP...and heard a commotion," Whitmore says. "He went outside to investigate and discovered that Ms. Nicky Hilton was pushed from behind."

Hilton more insulted than injured, and—we're not making this up—placed the perp under citizen's arrest, which Whitmore says was unncessary, since a deputy was already present.

Michael Broadhurst, 50, was taken to the West Hollywood station, booked on a misdemeanor battery charge and released later that afternoon. He is due in court April 21.

No comment from the Hilton camp.

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