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Donald Trump, Celebrity Apprentice

Ali Goldstein / NBC

In the premiere episode of season 2 of Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump divides 16 new celebrities into male and female teams then sends them off to bake and sell cupcakes to raise money for charity. Fierce power struggles erupt on the women’s team, while the men are confident their celebrity power will carry the day.

Kitchen disasters plague both teams as they bake their cupcakes, but when they hit streets of New York City, the cash rolls in. A surprise taste test brings more conflict for the women, and the men confront one celeb who’s not pulling his weight. In the end, the team that makes the most money wins, and the first celebrity hears Trump’s fateful words, “You’re Fired!”

Celebrity Apprentice airs Sundays 9pm et/pt; 10pm mtn.

Find out which Celebrity Apprentice goes home on E! March 1st.

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