Mickey Rourke

ANG/Fame Pictures

About those rumors he was text-courting Courtney Love, Mickey Rourke has this to say: "I’d rather be on a deserted island with a gorilla.

People has this poll up: "Has Miss Piggy Lost Weight?," which seems really insensitive to Jessica Simpson.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is seriously wearing a rug out like it's a shawl. Poor girl, is everything all right over in Ghost Whispering land?

China gets their very own Michael Phelps apology on video. Sadly, Miley doesn't randomly pop up from behind him and offer her own half-hearted apology.

This is the most terrifying thing that could only happen on Friday the 13th.

Could a crossover be coming up between Lost and True Blood? There is a connection.

Things don't look good for Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair...at least not in our Big Picture gallery!

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