It's been another week of sexy, thought-provoking information on the Soup Blog. Join us, won't you, for a look at the past week's top five most vital pop-culture lessons:

• There's nothing wrong with wearing your happiness on your sleeve, or, in American Idol hopeful Tatiana's case, wearing it as an explosion of hysteria that envelopes your entire being.

• The Jonas Brothers may be keeping themselves pure, but their wax images? Maybe not so much. Now tween fans can get extra close to the next best thing to the flesh-and-blood versions.

• When attempting the fine art of seduction in Detroit, you need "a dollar, a twelve pack of beer, a gram of coke and a whip." Important information on making your Valentine's Day a romantic success. 

• Ladies, if hooking up with Ray J is in your sights, it's important to know that he considers himself to be a scoop of chocolate ice cream—that should be slathered all over your body.

• As we've learned from Miley Cyrus, stretching your face into strange shapes can be a bad thing. But with Facial Flex, you not only get a satisfying workout, you also won't offend Asian rights groups.

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