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  1. How to Fake the Goop Detox: I Followed <i>and</i> Fiddled With Gwyneth Paltrow's Famous Meal Plan, Because I'm a Normal Person
  2. NeNe Leakes Takes the E!Q in 42 and Does Not Hold Back, Naturally
  3. Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Anna Kendrick and More Stars Who Crushed on Animated Characters
  4. Doing <i>Dancing With the Stars</I> Has Been the Best Move Ever for Some Celebrities...and for Others, Not So Much</i>
  5. Rob Kardashian at 30: Inside the New Dad's Most Formative, Meaningful Relationships Over the Years
  6. The Reaction to Prince William's Ski Trip Shows the Royal Family Is Under More Scrutiny Than Ever--and It's Not Going to Get Easier
  7. Hell to Pay for Prince William? Weighing the Royal Penance in Store for Skipping an Event With the Queen for a Ski Trip With the Guys
  8. Lisa Kudrow Takes the E!Q in 42--and She Has a New Favorite <i>Friends</i> Episode
  9. Here's Why Common Is Asking You to Look Around and Really Appreciate What You're Seeing
  10. Inside Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez's Roller Coaster Relationships: Riding Parallel Tracks Headed to the Same Station
  11. How Meghan Markle Can Help Prince Harry Fulfill His Mission in Life to Honor and Build on Princess Diana's Legacy
  12. Remembering Anton Yelchin on His Birthday: 9 of the Late Actor's Films You Can Watch Right Now, Plus 1 More Still to Come
  13. Inside Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Famously Private World
  14. Untangling the Kardashian Real Estate Empire: A Comprehensive Guide to the Family's Vast Array of Homes
  15. How the Unsolved Murder of Notorious B.I.G. Changed Hip-Hop Culture Forever and Became an Obsession-Worthy Mystery for the Ages
  16. All the Blatant Signs Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Were Meant to Be Before They Finally Got Together
  17. Emma Watson Is Being Targeted for No Good Reason by Critics Who Refuse to Acknowledge the Nuances of Feminism
  18. Lena Dunham Takes the E!Q in 42: No Surprise, She Doesn't Believe in Guilty Pleasures
  19. Why the Lives of the Teen Moms, Mama Junes, Duggars and Gosselins of the Reality TV World Continue to Fascinate So Much
  20. Famous Exes Who Kept Working Together After Breakups: The Good, the Fine and the Awkward
  21. Katy Perry's Art of the Breakup: How She Battles Back From the Sadness, the Shade and the Hurtful Headlines
  22. Inside the Quietly Adventurous Career of Jessica Biel, From <i>7th Heaven</i> to <i>The Sinner</i>
  23. How Karl Lagerfeld Became the Master of the Celebrity Fashion Universe--and Why Hollywood Still Can't Get Enough of Him
  24. Inside Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson's Relationship History as Court Is Asked to Review Custody Arrangement for Son Ryder
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