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  1. Whoa! Is [Spoiler] Really Dead on <i>Scream Queens</i>?

    Whoa! Is [Spoiler] Really Dead on Scream Queens?

    Tue. Nov. 17, 2015 7:00 PM PST
  2. <i>American Horror Story: Hotel</i>’s Biggest Reveals and Theories: The Most Disturbing Image Yet? (Hi, Bartholomew!)
  3. Nick Jonas Spills What’s Next on <i>Scream Queens</i>: Everything Gets “Flipped on Its Head”
  4. <i>American Horror Story: Hotel</I>’s Biggest Reveals and Theories: Blaine <i>Definitely</I> Shoulda Stuck With Kurt</i></i>
  5. The Real Story Behind Tonight's <i>Scream Queens</i>: "Beware of Young Girls"
  6. <i>American Horror Story: Hotel</i>:  Could the 10 Commandments Serial Killer Be John Lowe Himself?
  7. NeNe Leakes Is Making a Surprise Return to <i>The Real Housewives of Atlanta</i>—Get the Details
  8. <i>American Horror Story: Hotel's</i> Biggest Reveals and Theories: Could Alex Be The Countess’ Offspring?
  9. <i>Scream Queens</i> Scoop Bomb: Who's the Killer Now After the Best, Most Murderous Slumber Party Ever?
  10. We Unmasked <i>Scream Queens</i>' Red Devil and Guess What? He's <i>AHS</i>' Rubber Man!
  11. <i>American Horror Story: Hotel</i>'s Biggest Reveals and Theories: [Spoiler] Is Definitely the Wife, Right?
  12. Inside Lady Gaga's Incredible <i>American Horror Story</i> Fashion: I Don't Just Put on Whatever's Crazy!
  13. <i>Scream Queens</i> Scoop Bomb: Three More Deaths Are Coming
  14. Secrets From the <i>Scream Queens</i> Set: How to Be a Chanel in 9 Easy Steps
  15. It's Almost Check-In Time! <i>American Horror Story: Hotel</i> Bosses Preview the Sexiest, Scariest, & Bloodiest Season Yet
  16. Wait, Max Greenfield Lost How Much Weight for <i>AHS: Hotel</i>?! Find Out How He Did It and If It Was Worth It
  17. Sarah Paulson Is Going Down a Dark, Broken Road for <i>American Horror Story: Hotel</i>
  18. How <i>Scream Queens</I> Just Became a Show About Female Empowerment With One Kick-Ass Scene</i>
  19. <i>Scream Queens</i> Scoop Bomb: Emma Roberts Reveals What Left Her "Jaw on the Floor"
  20. Lady Gaga Reveals Fiancé Taylor Kinney's Surprising Reaction to Her Joining <i>American Horror Story</i>
  21. You Won't Believe What Lea Michele Will Do on Your TV Tonight
  22. Lady Gaga Gets Deeply Personal About the "Isolation" of Fame—and How <i>American Horror Story</i> Has Saved Her
  23. Oh. Dear. God. This Taylor Swift-Inspired <i>Scream Queens</i> Video Just Made Us Laugh So Hard We Cried
  24. Justin Theroux Dishes on "Beautiful" Relationship Ahead on <i>The Leftovers</i>—And Why He Threw Out Those Sweatpants
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