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  1. An Open Letter to Zac Efron: You’re the Prettiest Girl We've Ever Seen and It's Just Not Fair

    Wed., May. 07, 2014 11:15 AM PDT
  2. Dumbest Girl Fight Ever Ends With Someone Getting a Shovel Thrown at Them (Don't Worry, Everyone Is Fine)

    Wed., May. 07, 2014 10:56 AM PDT
  3. This Woman Says Shape Magazine Refused to Post Her Bikini Photo After Her Incredible Weight Loss

    Tue., May. 06, 2014 2:45 PM PDT
  4. Finally You Can Watch a 24-Hour Channel Dedicated Only to Cats

    Tue., May. 06, 2014 1:10 PM PDT
  5. 7 Things Friends Fans Still Argue About Ten Years Later

    Tue., May. 06, 2014 11:34 AM PDT
  6. Let's Talk About the Time Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman Danced to "Blurred Lines"

    Mon., May. 05, 2014 3:37 PM PDT
  7. Find Out Which States Have the Best Tippers and Which States Are Coming Up Short (What the Hell, Nevada and New Jersey?!)

    Mon., May. 05, 2014 2:51 PM PDT
  8. Nothing Is More Awkward Than These Photos From Avril Lavigne's Meet and Greet With Fans

    Mon., May. 05, 2014 12:35 PM PDT
  9. Frozen and The Lion King Might Actually Be the Same Movie, and Here's the Proof

    Mon., May. 05, 2014 11:15 AM PDT
  10. White House Correspondents' Dinner: Joel McHale Takes on President Obama, George Clooney and Republicans

    Sat., May. 03, 2014 9:24 PM PDT
  11. White House Correspondents' Dinner: President Obama Jokes About the Government Shutdown, Roasts Fox News

    Sat., May. 03, 2014 8:34 PM PDT
  12. Jessica Simpson Shows Off Skinny Waist at White House Correspondents' Dinner

    Sat., May. 03, 2014 7:50 PM PDT
  13. This High School Student Brought His Great-Grandmother to Prom, and She Stole the Show

    Fri., May. 02, 2014 1:02 PM PDT
  14. 14 Times James Franco Kind of Creeped Us Out on Instagram

    Fri., May. 02, 2014 11:46 AM PDT
  15. E!'s Official Guide to Getting Over a Hangover (Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo!)

    Fri., May. 02, 2014 10:23 AM PDT
  16. This High School Prank Got 62 Students Arrested, and It Wasn't Even a Good One

    Thu., May. 01, 2014 2:50 PM PDT
  17. The Student Who Got Into Every Ivy League School Has Officially Chosen His College

    Thu., May. 01, 2014 11:49 AM PDT
  18. Watch This Shirtless Dude Ask a Reporter Out at the Most Inappropriate Time Ever

    Thu., May. 01, 2014 11:09 AM PDT
  19. The Story Behind the Mysterious Number That Appears in Almost Every Pixar Film

    Thu., May. 01, 2014 10:49 AM PDT
  20. Pop Quiz: Are These Upcoming Movie Adaptations Real or Fake?

    Wed., Apr. 30, 2014 3:04 PM PDT
  21. The Finger Trap Test Might Become the New Thigh Gap, But We Have a Solution for This Crazy Trend

    Wed., Apr. 30, 2014 11:36 AM PDT
  22. We've Come Up With Our Own Food Mashups to Compete With the Likes of the Cronut and the Waffogato

    Wed., Apr. 30, 2014 10:29 AM PDT
  23. The DuckTales Theme Song Turned Into a Smooth R&B Jam Is So Wrong It's Definitely Right

    Tue., Apr. 29, 2014 1:35 PM PDT
  24. You Can Now Help Save the Planet Just By Watching Porn

    Tue., Apr. 29, 2014 12:53 PM PDT
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