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  1. The 8 Types of Pet Owners on Instagram

    The 8 Types of Pet Owners on Instagram

    Thu. Jun. 30, 2016 9:00 AM PDT
  2. Watch This Kitten's Daring Prison Break to Be With Its Puppy Best Friend and Straight Up Weep With Joy
  3. Sean Bean Totally Spoiled Jon Snow's Backstory Years Ago and We Didn't Even Notice
  4. We Finally Have Names for the Houses at the American Wizarding School and They Of Course Sound Ridiculous
  5. Cersei's Big Scene on <i>Game of Thrones</i> Weirdly Syncs Up Perfectly With <i>Frozen</i>'s "Let It Go"
  6. 27 Burning Questions You'll Have After Seeing <i>Independence Day: Resurgence</i>
  7. The Ladies Are Now in Charge on <i>Game of Thrones</i> and People Are LIVING for It
  8. Taylor Swift's Whirlwind Romance With Tom Hiddleston Was Basically Predicted By Her Song Lyrics
  9. This Theory About <i>The Incredibles</i> Might Prove Why Disney Waited So Long to Release a Sequel
  10. Tom Hiddleston Looked Like Every Dad Forced to Attend a Concert With Their Kids at the Selena Gomez Show
  11. The Minnesota State Fair Released Its Menu and Just Looking at the Photos Will Give You Heartburn
  12. A New <i>Frozen</i> Ride Just Opened at Disney World and OMG, You Won't Believe the Line
  13. An Ode to <i>Camp Rock</i>-Era Joe Jonas, the Ultimate Teen Heartthrob of the Late 2000s
  14. Billy Eichner and Ross Mathews Had a Sass-Off on Twitter and We Are Living for Every Petty Second of It
  15. This Is What Pixar Movies Would Look Like If They Ended Right After the Most Depressing Scenes
  16. Nintendo Boss Finally Confirms the Absolute Worst Item in <i>Mario Kart</i>
  17. Tumblr Has Chosen Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's Couple Name Because They're the Shipping Experts
  18. Watch the Sparks Fly Between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston During Their 2016 Met Gala Dance-Off
  19. Disney World Secrets and Insider Tips Straight From a Magical Expert
  20. Should We Be Impressed or Terrified By J.K. Simmons' Insane Muscles in These Pics?
  21. Turns Out One of the Kings of Social Media Has a Pretty Terrible Password
  22. Watch This <i>Jeopardy!</i> Contestant Make Alex Trebek Very Uncomfortable With an Awkward Sex Discussion
  23. Definitive Proof That Taylor Swift Writes the Best Breakup Songs Ever
  24. Important GIFs From <i>The Hills</i> That Will Never Stop Being Relatable
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