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  1. Birkins, Boys, Botox and More—Relive Dorothy Wang's Most Hilarious Moments on <i>#RichKids of Beverly Hills</i>!
  2. Nipples Pointing in Different Directions, Saggy Butts, Countless Nose Jobs and More—See Insane <i>Botched</i> Transformations!
  3. <i>#RichKids</i> EJ Johnson and Morgan Stewart Reveal Their Favorite Designers and What You Need in Your Summer Suitcase
  4. North West Dresses Up Like Minnie Mouse, Penelope Disick Hangs With Minions, and More—See the Latest <i>KUWTK</i> Pics!
  5. <i>The Royals</i> Begins Filming Season Two: Mystery, Drama, Scandal, Sex, Murder—See the First Official Behind-the-Scenes Pic!
  6. 7 Moments That Gave Us Major Anxiety From the Latest <i>#RichKids</i>
  7. 9 Times We Shouted "OMG" While Watching <i>Botched</i>

    9 Times We Shouted "OMG" While Watching Botched

    Mon. Jun. 15, 2015 8:22 AM PDT
  8. <i>Botched</i> Patient Goes From Concave Chest to Major Uniboob, Thinks She'll Never Be Normal—See the Emotional Sneak Peek!
  9. EJ Johnson and Dorothy Wang Try Speed Dating, 'I've Never Been More Embarrassed in My Life'—See the <i>#RichKids</i> Sneak Peek!
  10. Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff's <i>#RichKids</i> Boyfriend Living a Double Life? His Two Names and Raunchy Reality TV History Revealed
  11. David Hasselhoff Tells Daughter Taylor-Ann to Use Their Last Name to Get More Business—See the <i>#RichKids</i> Sneak Peek!
  12. Former <i>Playboy</i> Playmate Chips Off Diamond Tooth Worth Thousands After Eating Almond—See the <i>Botched</i> Clip!
  13. How Many Oreos Does <i>#RichKids</i> Roxy Sowlaty Have in Her Vintage Hermes Kelly Bag? Find Out and See More of Her Surprising Items!
  14. 13 of the Best Moments From Season 3 of <I>#RichKids</i>...And We're Just Getting Started!</I>
  15. 24 Things We’re Doing to Cope Until <i>Keeping Up With the Kardashians</i> Comes Back
  16. Mason Disick Shows Off His Skateboarding Skills, Kim Kardashian Poses With Laker Girls and More—See the Latest Kardashian Pics!
  17. <I>#RichKids</i>' EJ Johnson & Morgan Stewart Talk Hollywood Fashion, Think Reese Witherspoon Needs a New Stylist—See the Clip!</I>
  18. Morgan Stewart & Brendan Fitzpatrick's Families React to <i>#RichKids</i> Engagement, Celebrate at Fancy Dinner—See the Pic!
  19. The 9 Moments That Made Us Cry From the Latest <i>#RichKids</i>!
  20. 9 Times Our Jaws Dropped While Watching <i>Botched</i>!

    9 Times Our Jaws Dropped While Watching Botched!

    Sun. Jun. 07, 2015 7:00 PM PDT
  21. <i>Botched</i> Patient Has Tumor With Hair and Teeth—Is It Her Unborn Twin? Watch the Revealing Sneak Peek!
  22. Dorothy Wang Stalks Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff's New Boyfriend, "I Found Some Dirt"—See the Dramatic Sneak Peek!
  23. Brendan Fitzpatrick Proposes to Morgan Stewart on <I>#RichKids of Beverly Hills</i>—Grab Your Tissues and See the Sneak Peek!</I>
  24. ‘Human Barbie’ Sarah Burge Gave 10-Year-Old Daughter $7,000 for Plastic Surgery—See the <i>Botched</i> Clip!
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