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  1. <i>WAGS</i>' Natalie Halcro & Olivia Pierson Get Into Huge Fight With "Petty" Michelle Quick: "Don't F--king Talk!"
  2. Khloe Kardashian Hilariously Calls Out Kourtney & Scott's "Dysfunctional" Relationship: "You Guys Are F--king Sick"
  3. Scott Disick Says It's ''Bulls--t'' Kourtney Kardashian Didn't Invite Him to Khloe's Birthday: ''I Just Didn't Want You There''
  4. Meet Carmella, the "Moonwalking, Trash-Talking" New <i>Total Divas</i> Star
  5. Inside Kim Kardashian's "Crazy Strict" Diet and Fitness Plan With Celeb Trainer Melissa Alcantara
  6. Scott Disick Blasts Kourtney Kardashian: "It's Funny How Fake You Really Are"
  7. Scott Disick Says He Wants a Fourth Child With Kourtney Kardashian: See Her Reaction!
  8. Kourtney Kardashian Tells the Surprising Story of How She Met Younes Bendjima in Paris the Night Before Kim's Robbery
  9. ''Insecure'' Scott Disick Says Dating Girls After Kourtney Kardashian Is ''Not Fulfilling'' Him: ''I'm Just Not Happy With Anybody''
  10. Nicole Williams Stresses Out Fiancé Larry While Talking About "All the Pressure" of Wedding Planning on <i>WAGS</i>
  11. <i>WAGS Atlanta</i> First Look: Meet the "Very Glamorous" Ladies of E!'s New Series
  12. Millie Bobby Brown and the Kardashians Are Having a Serious Lovefest on Twitter and OMG It's Amazing!
  13. Kim Kardashian's BFF Hilariously Makes Fun of Her Early Morning Walks: "You're Like a 97-Year-Old Granny!"
  14. Watch <i>Keeping Up With the Kardashians</i> Superfan Millie Bobby Brown Do Spot-On "Bible" & "Okurrr" Impressions
  15. Watch Kim Kardashian Devour Pizza & Ice Cream While Enjoying ''Last Supper'' Before Health Kick: ''I Just Want a Good Body''
  16. New <i>Total Divas</i> Stars Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss Are "Kicking Some Ass and Taking Some Names!"
  17. See Shantel Jackson Try on a Massive $200,000 Engagement Ring on <i>The Platinum Life</i> (Hear That, Nelly?!)
  18. Trinity Struggles Balancing Work and Her Marriage on <i>Total Divas</i>: "The Romance Department Is Not at Its Best"
  19. Eric Decker & Jessie James Decker Reveal the Sex of Baby No. 3: "It's a Boy!"
  20. Nikki Bella's Surprising Plans for Her Mirrorball Trophy If She Wins <i>Dancing With the Stars</i>
  21. Khloe Kardashian Taking Her Driver's License Photo With a Full Lighting Crew Is the Definition of Extra
  22. Kim Kardashian Says Scott Disick "Looked So Desperate" Going to Cannes With Bella Thorne to Try & "One-Up" Kourtney
  23. Nikki & Brie Bella Think It's "Insane" They've Reached 100 Episodes of <i>Total Divas</i>: "We're Just So Honored!"
  24. Brie Bella Says Her WWE Comeback Is Taking a "Little Longer Than I Expected"—"Definitely 2018 for Sure!"
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