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WAGS Miami 108


Now, who saw this coming?

WAGS Miami's season finale ended just like it began—with a bang—during the ladies' dramatic trip to Croatia. There were side eyes, shady disses and shouting, but no one could have predicted it would have ended with all-out, physical brawl that pitted Hencha Voigt and Metisha Schaefer against Astrid Bavaresco.

The lingering tension between Astrid and the two women because of Claudia Sampedro's absence from the vacation ultimately resulted in an ugly altercation in Vanessa Cole's hotel room that left everyone shocked. "This is the last time I'm ever inviting these girls back to my room to drink—crawling under the table, breaking s--t," Vanessa said. "I mean, I might have done a little, but it's my room!"

Here's a recap of everything that led up to that surprising moment!

WAGS Miami 108


The vacation started on a good note with everyone having fun without Claudia. However, she still became the topic of conversation at lunch after Hencha and Ashley Nicole Roberts realized she was posting unflattering tweets about them. "I had to give her a piece of my mind," Hencha promised, adding, "Claudia's talking mad s--t on Twitter."

But like always, Astrid continued to defend her friend. "How can somebody's tweet affect you guys so much to get to the point that you're all worked up?" she wondered to everyone's frustration.

WAGS Miami 108


While visiting a private beach in Croatia, Metisha got irritated with Astrid once more because she had bought matching hats for everyone in the group, except her and Hencha. She made it clear it was upsetting to be left out, but Astrid was less than apologetic. "You guys are crazy that you're going to be out here talking s--t about my best friend, and I'ma be worried about you, how you feel and about getting you guys some hats," she replied.

That situation left an extremely bad taste in Metisha's mouth. "I'm going to start being a bitch," she told Hencha. "I've been taking too much consideration of everybody's f--king feelings. I don't give a s--t anymore."

Later that night, Darnell Nicole confronted BFF Ashley for being insensitive during her breakup with Reshad Jones. "I know you're not being malicious, and that's the point," she explained. "It's like you don't even know when you're hurting me. I'm trying to figure me out. I don't have the patience or the capacity to teach somebody else how to treat me."

She continued, "It's hard sometimes being your friend because we are so different, and you are very insensitive. You are very entitled. You're in Ashley world, and it's just hard for me sometimes."

Ashley made an effort to understand where Darnell was coming from. "I'm sorry you're going through what you're going through," she replied. "In a million years, I never would have imagined me planning a wedding, and you really trying to figure out what your next step is. I hate this for you."

The girls met up for dinner the next night, but the tension was still thick in the air between Astrid and Metisha. However, the energy around the table changed when Darnell started talking about her relationship and wanting to be a positive role model for her daughter.

"I look at [her daughter] Cree, and I see the little version of me, and I'm like, 'Do I show her the strength that I could stand up on my own two feet or do I stay here and suffer?'" Darnell explained. "I'm going to pick standing up and showing her s--t is going to happen, and we're going to keep on walking, we're going to keep on moving."

The women around the table began to tear up. "You're so strong," Astrid told Darnell. "We don't have kids, and we've gone through terrible breakups. We feel for you because I could only imagine if I had a child how much I would've forgiven and how much I would've fought."

Once the waterworks had dried up, it was time to turn up and take the party back to Vanessa's hotel room. But just as everyone was finally getting along, Astrid decided it would be a good idea to FaceTime Claudia. Spoiler alert: It was a bad idea.

As Claudia tried to explain why she skipped the vacation, Metisha and Hencha couldn't stop giggling in the background. Astrid abruptly ended the call and told Metisha off for acting immaturely. In the blink of an eye, Metisha charged at her before Vanessa or Darnell could intervene.

After the two women were eventually separated, drunk Hencha charged back into the room to get at Astrid and defend her best friend. "I can kick your ass, Astrid!" she hollered.

WAGS Miami 108


Darnell attempted to hold Hencha back while she kicked and thrashed to get loose. "That's the strongest bitch I've ever been around!" Darnell said. "I don't know what kind of Wheaties she's been eating, but, um, Astrid better start ducking!"

The next morning Hencha blamed Metisha for her violent outburst. "I feel like I've been used," she told Darnell. "I feel like she's been wanting to get into Astrid's face, and then now she's using me as bait. She's knows I'm crazy, so why would you push me to that limit?"

Later, Hencha and Metisha met to hash things out, and Metisha revealed she had booked a flight to leave the trip early because of all the drama. Nevertheless, Hencha was still going to speak her mind. 

"I put everybody in a bad situation because I had your back," she told her. "So now, I'm looking like, 'Damn, I went to war for the wrong reason.' Now I look like a crazy bitch again."

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