Is it too late to apologize?

Hencha Voigt attempts to make amends with Vanessa Cole following their explosive argument at Ashley Nicole Roberts' birthday celebration in this sneak peek from Sunday's all-new episode of WAGS Miami. However, Vanessa still has her guard all the way up.

"I know there was something that was said at the wrong time and the way I rendered the message was kind of wrong," Hencha admits. "But that wasn't my intention. I honestly feel bad. My heart feels bad. My soul feels bad. It's not my character and I f--ked up."

Despite the fitness model's sincerity, Vanessa isn't ready to forgive or forget.

"I'm not open to receiving an apology," Vanessa responds. "Why should I? I feel like somebody was attacking my f--king throat. I'm pissed and I don't want to hear an apology because now I just feel like it's not real."

Nevertheless, Hencha's sorry train continues chugging along. "But I just want you to know that I'm not a bad person," she pleads. "I'm not."

"I don't give a f--k," Vanessa bluntly replies. Well, damn!

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