24 MAY 7PM

You learn something new everyday!

It's time for the Bella family to figure out their roots. At a family dinner, Daniel Bryan reveals the results of a DNA test they used to discover their actual ethnic backgrounds and it turns out to be way different than they expected. 

Brie Bella is not as Italian as she thought! "[Brie] is 40.4 percent Northwestern European, 26.1 percent both British and Irish and she is 29.6 percent Southern European, of which 11.2 percent is Italian," Bryan revealed about his wife's heritage. "So she is actually more British and Irish than she is Italian." 

Well that threw everyone for a loop! "Wow. I thought I was more," Brie shared. "Those are my DNA results?" Yep! There is definitely no mistake when it comes to her genetic makeup. 

"That's kind of crazy because now I feel like I can't say I'm Mexican-Italian," she explains. But she has nothing to worry about because she is still of Hispanic descent. "There is no such thing as Mexican," Bryan explains to her. "It's Native American with people from Europe."

See the shocking reveal in the clip above! 

Total Bellas Season 3 premieres Thursday 24 May at 7pm in Australia, only on E!

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