Jimmy Fallon was hearing crickets when he was given this task Tuesday night. 

That's because, following a game of "Would Your Rather" with Kevin Hart, the Tonight Show host was crowned the loser. As punishment, he was given the option of either picking up a handful of live worms or—you guessed it—eating a cricket. 

He opted for the latter, though the comedian wasn't about to join in the culinary fun after winning the final question. "I'm so glad this wasn't me," Hart admitted as the show's announcer, Steve Higgins presented Fallon his choices.  

Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, The Tonight Show, Cricket


The Jumanji actor was visibly shocked that Fallon decided on the cricket, but the host committed to the task, even opening his mouth to the audience to prove he had indeed eaten the entire insect. 

"You are the worst friend ever," Fallon told the actor. 

In addition to getting to watch the host chew on a cricket, the game also offered a bit of insight into the desires of everyday Americans. For example, when it comes to which talent the audience would rather have–singing better than Beyoncé or running faster than Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt—you better believe they sided with the Dreamgirl. 

"We don't want to run!" Fallon explained. "We'd rather just sing."

All together now: You wake up...flawless.

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