Chris Hemsworth, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Forget ho, ho, ho—it's time to go, go, go!

Jimmy Fallon challenged Chris Hemsworth to a sleigh scooter race on The Tonight Show Thursday. "We're about to race for the coveted Hemsworth Cup, which I currently have in my possession. It's out of your grasp," he said. "Here's the deal: Since it's the holidays, today we'll be riding these one-of-a-kind sleigh scooters. We also have these very special Santa helmets because any opportunity to make a Hemsworth brother look less attractive, we will take."

Fallon then explained the rules to Hemsworth: each racer would head out the studio door, say hello to Santa Claus, make a left towards the elevator bank and go around the Christmas tree, watch out for "those two punk kids having a snowball fight," pass the Ghost of Hemsworth past and the Ghost of Fallon past, drive by the carolers singing "Go, Go, Go," brave a sudden blizzard and drive his sleigh back into the studio. The first to cross under the mistletoe finish line would be named the champion and as a result, would have his name appear on the Hemsworth Cup.

One of the competitors took a wrong turn, and it cost him dearly.

To see who won, watch the video below.

Hemsworth was on NBC's The Tonight Show to promote Warner Bros. Pictures' In the Heart of the Sea, in theaters now. The actor told Fallon that his kids are doing well, joking, "Got three of them, still, which is great. It's hard to keep track of them." They likely won't see his new movie, though. "It's a bit scary for them," he explained. "They watch a little bit of Thor, but not this."

In the Heart of the Sea is based on author Nathaniel Philbrick's book of the same name, published in 2000. "It's a true event that sort of inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick," said Hemsworth, who reteamed with his Rush director Ron Howard for the movie, which is set in 1820. "It's sort of an epic seafaring adventure drama/action," he said. "...These guys survived on the open ocean while being stalked by this demonic, supernatural-esque whale for 90 days."

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