Seth MacFarlane has all the answers to our peculiar questions—all to the tune of a soothing jazz melody. 

The musically-talented Family Guy actor joined The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon for a fresh round of the late-night show's traditional segment—Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers. 

In the jazz musical stylings of the accomplished crooner, MacFarlane serenaded the audience with an array of public curiosities posted to the Yahoo! Answers online forum. The questions shared by members ranged from how to spell Hanukkah to what TGIF stands for.

Luckily, Fallon and MacFarlane were there to guide us through our most embarrassing inquiries while seated at dueling pianos. 

So, how does one spell Hanukkah?

"Chaka Khan." Hmmm, we thought that was a 1970s funk singer...

Seth MacFarlane, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show


How about that age-old acronym, TGIF? What is it actually shorthand for?

"The goat is fed."

One reader was suspicious of skeletons. "Are skeletons real or made-up?"

Thankfully, MacFarlane cleared up the mystery. "Contrary to popular belief, they're made of marzipan by the finest French confectionary chefs."

If you're a cat lover, perhaps you've been wondering how to tell how many lives your beloved feline truly has left. 

"[Veterinarians] have to cut a part of the tail off and count the number of rings. It's like a tree."

With the holiday season in full swing, some users wanted to compare their Christmas routines. 

"Take the balls out of the box, wash 'em, dangle them from the tree." Well, that was clear and concise. 

However, arguably the greatest mystery of the holidays—how does Santa really know when we're sleeping?—was finally solved. 

"The same way peeping Toms know—he looks in your window, but when Santa does it, it's not weird."

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