According to the Mayan calendar, here's what you missed this week at The Soup TV. We knew this day would come, just like it does every Friday.

Kristmas Kard

The Kardashians nearly blinded us with their Christmas Card. Still, we couldn't help but take a closer look.

Lindsay Lohan wanted it all, and now she can't even spring for a garden burger.

Britney joined us for what quickly became a rather predictable interview.

Channing Tatum's still the Sexiest Man Alive Who Can Do The Worm.

You don't need scroll through your feed. We'll just tell you: Gary Busey Twarted.

We witnessed the work of the British labourer who gave all of Brighton a boner.

Did this clip make the cut? If not, we're sure Mike Tyson will have a logical reason why.

Finally, even though the world didn't end, these reality stars still managed to ruin it!

And for good measure, here's a GIF to celebrate the fact that the world didn't end (via Cheezburger):

Grumpy Cat Star Trek

Happy Holidays, everyone! Remember to spay and neuter your Furbies.

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