Here's what you missed while you were frantically trying to decide which color iTunes gift card to pick out for your Secret Santa (Spoiler alert, Bryce: it's blue).

From The Soup TV:

Pope Benedict Twitter

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips and American idol (period) Lou Diamond Phillips are pitch-perfect in "Wilson Phillip Phillips." Wilson's a little off-key, though.

Anne Hathaway flashed photographers at a Les Mis premiere. Go ahead and click, you perverts.

The Pope started tweeting, but we think he might need an altar boy to give him a hand. You know, with the tweets.

Some of TV's biggest reality stars were in our studio to record a, let's say "sequel," to "We are the World." Amazingly, no lightning was struck.

Yoko Ono sang a version of Katy Perry's "Firework" that only dogs and certain sea sponges can hear.

What do you get for the family that has everything and does nothing? The Kardashians' list for Santa.

From Around the Web:

Ikea Monkey


A monkey was lost in Ikea. That monkey was wearing a tiny, monkey-sized shearling coat. The world would never be the same.

Someone got a Grumpy Cat tattoo. Humankind is officially a parody of itself.

An ex-con reportedly plotted to castrate and murder Justin Bieber. Guess he was having a hard time dealing with puberty taking that angel voice away from us.

Paul McCartney replaced Kurt Cobain in Nirvana for the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy relief concert. Blame Courtney Love.

The CW is developing a TV pilot based on The Hunger Games. But don't they already have a show starring Annalynne McCord?

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