The world is abuzz with the joyous news that Kate Middleton is about to start eating for one!

In lieu of empty well-wishes from the public, the Queen has requested tangible proof of your undying loyalty to the Crown. She has proclaimed that those lazy enough to send gift cards from Williams-Sonoma will perish…and God help the peasant who resorts to Etsy.

The Royal Baby Registry 
Soup Royal Baby

Imperial Fabergé Egg Rattle     1

Premie Uterus Fascinator Hat     5

Ermine Fur Bib     3

Stainless Steel Throne (ages 0-2)     1

Brocaded Onesie     4

Gerber's Pureed Cucumber Sandwiches     12

Bone China Baby Bottle     6

Bone China Baby Bottle Saucer     6 

Soup Royal Baby

Horse-Driven Stroller     1

Four-Spire Crib     1

Custom Sting-Written Lullaby     1

Castle     2

Chambermaids (set of three)     2

Sophie Giraffe     1

Tiny Balcony (for public appearances)     4

La Mer Butt Rash Ointment     3

Silkworm Satin One-Use Diapers     12

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