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The Arrangement 102


Spotted in Venice: Kygan's romantic rendezvous!

Despite their best attempts to fly under the radar, fans were still able to capture Instagram videos of Kyle West (Josh Henderson) and Megan Morrison's (Christine Evangelista) passionate, PDA-filled day out and about in the Italian destination, which will appear in Sunday's upcoming episode of The Arrangement. Geez, can celebrities get any privacy these days?!

From sharing a sweet kiss in a street corner to a (somewhat) private boat ride and a paparazzi photo shoot, the lovebirds' budding relationship is now well documented and splashed across social media. Just watch the video below!

Look what we have here! Kygan just can't keep their hands to themselves while cohosting an A-list party at Kyle's Hollywood Hills mansion. That is, until Megan gets an unpleasant surprise. Hmm, wonder what it could be?

So, where in the world will Kygan go next? Make sure to check back here each week for more fan sightings of Hollywood's new It couple!