Is Rob Kardashian really the father of Blac Chyna's baby girl?

On Sunday's season finale of Rob & Chyna we learned that this is so true! Rob is the father of Chyna's baby and the couple proved it by doing a paternity test using Rob and Chyna's DNA.

After hearing a lot of talk about Rob not being the father of her baby, Chyna wanted to silence all the rumors by taking a paternity test.

"This might sound f--ked up but a part of me wants to take a paternity test," Chyna told her friends on the episode. "I know it's Rob's child, I've only been with Rob since we started dating. It's just to shut down rumors on the internet saying that it might be two other people."

Take a look at the recap to get the scoop on the paternity test and to see more shocking moments from the season finale of Rob & Chyna!

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1. Blac Chyna Doesn't Know If She Wants to "Stay With Rob":

After Rob disappears and stops talking to Chyna, she tells her friend Paige that she doesn't know how much longer she can "do this" with Rob.

"So what's going on with Rob?" Paige asks.

"Honestly Paige like I've done everything that you possibly could do," Chyna says. "I offered to go to therapy with him, he said he doesn't want to do that. I don't even know if I want to stay with Rob."

She continues, "I don't know if I want to do this no more with him. This pregnancy…I thought it would be different. I really literally would have to change everything about myself or he's gonna have to change, and I feel like at this rate, Rob ain't changing and I don't have time."

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2. Kim Helps Rob & Chyna With Their Relationship:

When Kim stops by Chyna's Paper magazine photo shoot, she talks to Chyna about her relationship with Rob.

"If my boyfriend stopped talking to me for five days when I was pregnant, I would be pissed," Kim tells Chyna.

"I just don't know what Rob is trying to do and I just can't use my energy for that because I'm picking up the slack for all the stuff he's supposed to be doing and I'm just trying to get it done," Chyna says.

"You don't even have the energy to figure out what his game is," Kim replies. "It's like if you're that insecure and you're that unhappy in your skin, fix it, it's fixable. His mental thing, like that's gonna take time. I mean I think depression is a serious issue."

Kim then offers to have Rob and Chyna over at her house so they can all "talk" and work through everything.

"If Rob doesn't open up to Kim and myself, honestly this might be the last straw for me because I've tried everything I possibly could do and if I'm willing to work on myself I feel like Rob should be willing to work on himself also," Chyna explains.

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3. Rob & Chyna Reunite for the First Time Since Their Fight:

Rob and Chyna haven't seen each other in seven days, since their explosive fight over french fries. But Kim convinces Rob to come over to her house so he can talk to Chyna and Kim can help them communicate.

During their chat, Kim confronts Rob about disappearing on Chyna.

"When the baby comes, you're gonna have a responsibility that you can't deny, like there's nothing you can do, unless you want to be a deadbeat dad and the biggest loser on the planet," Kim tells Rob.

"I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen," Rob assures Kim.

"What's gonna happen when this baby is born?" Kim asks. "I pray to God that the second this baby comes that you're happy."

Rob replies, "Of course, Imma be happy if she's happy, I'm happy. I think the baby's gonna bring us together in a really good way."

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4. Scott Disick Wants to "Understand" Why Rob Went Missing:

After Rob disappeared on his family, everyone was worried. So when Rob resurfaces, Scott Disick stops by his house to talk.

"I'm just trying to understand what's really going on to be honest," Scott says. "Do you realize how many people you're hurting?"

Scott continues, "I feel like every time things are starting to look up we hit some bump in the road, no one hears from you, you go missing, you turn your phone off, you block everybody. What happens when that goes on is what I would like to understand?"

Rob tells Scott that people ask him every day "what's wrong" but he's "completely fine." But Scott tries to explain that he makes the problem larger than it should be when he doesn't respond to his family.

"Right but there's nothing wrong, they should know there's a reason I continuously block every one of you guys," Rob replies.

"You can't do that is what I'm telling you," Scott says.

"I get it but I do," Rob tells Scott.

But Scott tells Rob, "No you don't."

Rob then explains that he's trying to get his "mind right" for the baby "and that's it."

"That's my only worry," Rob says.

5. Rob Agrees to See a Therapist to "Save" Relationship With Chyna:

Rob tells Chyna that he's willing to see a therapist to help "save" their relationship.

"I think seeing somebody to talk to or whatever, I mean it's not gonna hurt to just try it out," Rob tells Chyna. "I personally don't really agree with the whole thing but I'm more than willing to try it out and do that if it's gonna benefit you and I."

How does Chyna react?

Take a look at the clip above to see!

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6. Kim & Chyna Tell Rob About the Paternity Test:

Chyna wants to do the paternity test "on the low" without Rob knowing, but when she and Kim try to go to his house and get DNA, Rob's there!

The two try to discretely collect Rob's DNA but when he sees Chyna trying to steal his toothbrush, she tells him what's happening.

Chyna explains that she wants to do the test to shut down the rumors and make him feel "more secure."

"All you literally had to do was just say, 'Rob I wanna do this,'" Rob says. "You can take my hair, you can have all the toothbrushes, I don't care. Whatever y'all wanna do I'm obviously always down, just gotta ask."

Rob and Chyna then decide to have nurses come to Chyna's house to do the test discretely.

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7. Rob Meets With a Therapist:

During Rob's session with therapist Erica, he opens up about his relationship with Chyna. Rob explains that they "moved very fast" and are engaged and expecting a baby. Rob says they were "great in the beginning" but now they're at a place where they're always "at each other's throats."

He then explains some of their past issues and says he just wants Chyna to "be supportive" of what he's doing.

"The work for the two of you though is getting to that place where Chyna can accept you for who you are and you accept her for who she is," Erica explains. "So what you can do is work every single day to be as open and honest with your partner as you can be to get out of it what it is that you're looking for."

Rob then says, "Erica's right, maybe I just need to see Chyna in person and talk to her in person about all our issues. Chyna's not the easiest to talk to, but we have to figure out a way to better our communication."

When Rob sees Chyna he opens up about how he's feeling and says they don't "communicate well with each other."

"It upsets me that I wasn't able to see the baby grow and be there during certain moments or just a majority of the pregnancy," Rob tells Chyna.

"I do put up like a guard and that's just me, but I'll try to be more sensitive and be more loving towards you and be more supportive," Chyna says. 

8. Rob Reunites With Kardashians at Family Dinner:

While talking to Kris Jenner, Rob admits he wants to reconnect with his sisters after spending "years" in isolation. Rob explains that he wants to have a family dinner so they can all get together and talk and he can tell them how much he "appreciates" them.

Kris then organizes the dinner and when everyone gets together Rob tells them, "I don't think we've all had dinner together for like three years and you know I tend to shut a lot of you guys out when I can't handle something or I don't want to deal with something. Obviously this is very important that I don't do that anymore and that we make time to see each other at least once a week or at least once a month."

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9. Rob & Chyna Receive the Paternity Test Results:

After having nurses come over to Chyna's house and collect DNA, they wait to hear the results.

When Chyna receives the paternity test results, she and Rob sit down together and read the email.

"Robert Kardashian you are the father!" Chyna says after reading the email.

After hearing the results, Rob says that he's "super happy."

"Where would you see us in five years from now, Rob?" Chyna asks.

Rob tells Chyna, "Five years from now I see just way more kids and a new house that we're comfortable in, that's our house, our space that we can build a family in and just being happy with you."

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