The Ram-ilies have arrived in Los Angeles!

On E!'s new series Hollywood & Football, we'll meet the families of the Rams football players who are making the move from St. Louis to L.A.

Sabrina Britt and Asia Saffold are two of the stars we'll meet on the show and during an exclusive interview with E! News' Sibley Scoles, they revealed how their lives have changed since they made the move.

"I feel like L.A. is way more intense than St. Louis," Sabrina says in the video above.

"So intense," Asia agrees. "It's non-stop, everyday it's just like we haven't rest at all."

Sabrina Britt, Asia Saffold

One of the greatest changes the ladies have experienced since moving to L.A. is the traffic.

"The traffic is so real!" Sabrina says. "I mean even if you're going down the street to the grocery store I swear it takes like 45 minutes and it's like five miles, you have to plan for the traffic."

So what are the other major differences they've experienced?

Take a look at the interview above to find out and see why Sabrina and Asia feel "a little protective" over their husbands!

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