Dom is extremely upset after his fight with Richard on Christina Milian Turned Up.

In this clip from Tuesday's episode, Lizzy Milian's boyfriend Dom sits down with Carmen Milian to talk about his meeting with Danielle Milian's husband Richard.

"Now he crossed the line, and I can't anymore," Dom says to Carmen. "It's too much."

"Wait so you met up with him or something?" Carmen asks.

"I met him in the pub and I said to him, 'So you gonna apologize and everything?'" Dom explains to Carmen. "And he say to me, 'Like no, I don't want to apologize.' So I say 'I don't have nothing to do here if you don't apologize.'" 

Dom then goes on to deny Richard's claim that he and Lizzy are cheating on each other.

"That's not true," Richard says. "So, Richard refuse to apologize, I'm over him."

Dom also tells Carmen that Richard said that he doesn't take care of his family back in France.

"Yeah, if that was in France I'd f--k him up," Dom says.

Take a look at the clip above to see more of Dom and Carmen's heated discussion about Richard!

Watch an all-new episode of Christina Milian Turned Up Tuesday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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