A recent study of young British women revealed that 1 in 4 of the girls who participated is dating up to 3 men at a time. The study goes on to say that on average, the typical single woman is seeing 1.46 men at any given time. They should have just left it at "1 in 4," since the latter statement makes it seem like British women are dating one man and a Chuy.  I think this makes British women sound smart- there are three meals in a day, so at least these girls have their bases covered. If you're single, you should be able to date as many people as you want at a time. Of course you should always be honest about it- it's not a ton of fun on the other end-like being one of the three. I personally can't date more than one person at a time; it's too much effort to pretend to be interested in one person's daily activities, let alone three. Also- if you date three guys at once, you also technically date six balls. Nope.