The Super Bowl was filled with riveting drama, and as a known avid football watcher, I was glued to the television for every second of it.  Or, I had a party and it was on in the background and every once in a while I'd glance up to see if it was over. I did enjoy the half time show, which is surprising since Madonna and her body terrify me. I thought she was entertaining, but more impressive was her ability to completely steal my dance move, which is to shuffle back and forth until I find something solid to hold on to and then just go off. M.I.A. made the news because she opted to flip off the entire crowd, which is always an interesting choice. In every situation it's commonly used in, flipping someone off accomplishes nothing. Nobody pulls over, un-runs the stop sign, apologizes or gives you back your underwear. However, everyone is talking about her today so I guess she accomplished what she wanted to accomplish. The biggest drama is actually today, with the media in an uproar after Gisele whatshername allegedly defended her husband Tom Brady when some fans taunted her. Gisele supposedly snapped and said "My husband cannot f--kin' throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time." The fact that this is causing any frenzy is stupid.  Aside from the fact that she's his wife so defending him is not that weird, she has a pretty solid point.