Debrahlee Lorenzana is the girl that is suing Citibank, claiming that she was fired from her job for being "too hot." I would've fired her for the way she spells her name. Lorenzana recently said that "If being less good-looking, means being happy and finding love and not being sexually harassed...I'd want that." However The Post revealed that this woman had appeared on a reality show getting her second boob job, a tummy tuck and liposuction. She wanted the breast enhancement to giver her "huge, double-D, very perky breasts" in her quest to land a rich husband. So, I guess she had the opportunity to be "less good-looking" and didn't like it. She's now being criticized for having all of that done to her body, then complaining about people looking at it. Gloria Allred says that "If a woman chooses to have surgery it should not be a basis for discriminating against her or denigrating her in the workplace..." I guess Gloria-hole didn't see the part of the documentary where Lorenzana asked to look like "tits on a stick." If you look that good on a stick, you're going to be stared at...just ask a corn dog.