Kristin Cavallari

John Parra/Getty Images

An US Weekly source is claiming that Kristin Cavallari should go to rehab.  According to the source, on Super Bowl weekend in Miami she was "wasted the entire time…partying all night…"

Considering I was in Miami that weekend, I panicked when I first read this but was relieved when I realized they weren't talking about me. 

A "friend" told US that Cavallari always shows up late for Hills tapings. They also claim that Kristin isn't showering regularly anymore. 

I don't know who her "friend" is, but she doesn't sound great.  Maybe the girl is just trying to conserve water.  Can't a girl go green without getting thrown under a tabloid bus? 

And I don't know if showing up late for Hills tapings is the sign of a problem or just a good career move.  That show pretty much shows up late for itself.