Mary-Kate Olsen

Craig McDean for Interview Magazine

No, seriously, that's really Mary-Kate Olsen, not Courtney Love. But it's for Interview so it's high faaaaashion. And we learn in the article she was paid in gummy bears for Full House, so she's really a multi-gummy bear-millionaire.

• Angelina Jolie is reportedly "totally creeped out" by the octuplet lady. Apparently everyone's favorite trainwreck has sent the actress admiring letters. But it should be noted she doesn't think Nadya Suleman is "a total crazy," like the stalkers, more of an "over the top" crazy who alters her appearance to look like Angie.

• Kate Hudson has a stripper pole in her bathroom, where she performs "kind of amazing and totally sexy” tricks.

• Demi Moore Twitters that Joaquin Phoenix is just faking it. She looks like a woman who knows things and we can trust her, right?

• Madonna is pissed that A-Rod would turn to his ex-wife for some steroid scandal comfort rather than her and Jesus.

Oh, look at the baaaaabies in Big Pic!

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