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Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer


Ton to talk about from the Grammys—Whitney Houston finally showing her face (and seemingly cleansed bod) in public again, Gwyneth Paltrow playing her wifely role and actually showing up, for once, to a Chris Martin event and Jennifer Hudson's teary win and all-too-relevant performance with her backup choir wearing purple ribbons for domestic violence awareness. Quel friggin' ironic, eh, Chris Schmuck Brown?

But the best part was the one true piece o' juice below that somehow managed to escape documentation:

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If you picked, B, the Jonas troika doing their best to avoid the hedonistic scene utterly enveloping them at Boulevard3, you'd be correct, baby.

It was all Joey's GF, Camilla Belle, could do to keep her man and his sibs squeaky clean. Could these dudes have been any more uncomfortable? Except for Nick, that is. This only confirms our less than pure conviction that Nick and Miley should totally hook up again, agreed, everybody?