Idlewild is a rather confused film: It's a hip-hop movie, a musical, a 1930s crime drama, a romance and a tale of brotherhood. Oh, and don't forget, it's also a showcase for the acting and singing talents of the record-breaking duo OutKast.

Bandmates André 3000 and Big Boi play lifelong buddies Percival and Rooster, respectively, and like many other clichés the movie trots out, they're total opposites: Percival's the shy romantic, while Rooster's the charismatic huckster.

The connection between the men, however, seems almost desultory and hardly significant, as they rarely interact, and a tedious plot about a greedy businessman (played by Terrence Howard) is just space-filler between the musical numbers. But what musical numbers! The dance moves defy gravity, and OutKast's music has never been more thrilling.

This may be one of those cases in which the soundtrack is better than the movie.
--Dezhda Mountz

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