After a long absence from major motion pictures, Edward Norton magically reappears as The Illusionist himself in this lushly romantic mystery. Norton's dark and handsome Eisenheim fascinates the crowds of turn-of-the century Vienna with his astonishing tricks, but trouble starts when he finds himself reunited with a childhood flame, played by a luminous Jessica Biel.
Unfortunately, Biel just happens to be engaged to Rufus Sewell's dangerous Crown Prince Leopold, who has a wily police inspector, the fantastic Paul Giamatti, tracking the forbidden lovers' every move. All these characters collide in a beautifully shot, designed and plotted movie that has a little something for everyone--top-notch acting, passionate romance, humor and suspense. A word of caution, however: Law and Order addicts may be able to smell the plot twists barely into the second act. In that case, turn off your thinking caps and just enjoy the scenery.
--Dezhda Mountz
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