Thanks a lot, Pixar. Now every kids' animated flick has to not only look amazing, but have deep characters, a big moral and millions of dollars' worth of voice talent. It sure is a hefty order for the critters in this children's-book adaptation that achieves most of that...most of the time. The tiny tale is as so: a bullied kid who takes his anger out on the ants in his front yard is magically shrunk to the size of the little guys by a wizard ant (hey, it's a kids' book).
He then learns huge lessons about team building and community. Let's not make a mountain out of an ant hill, A Bug's Life this ain't. But even as the story drags a bit, it balances enough gross gags for the kids (poop jokes!) with verbal trickery for the adults (the evil exterminator's name: Beals-A-Bug), so every member of your colony will feel satisfied. And we're not just saying that because we're scared of those ant wizards. 'Cause we totally aren't.
--JR Griffin
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