Mischa Barton


Shakira, probably over the fake celebs flocking to Tampa, Fla., celebrated her 32nd birthday with the fam at RA Sushi in South Miami. The guest list was strictly family, meaning her fiancé, Fernando de la Rúa, was left out. If you're betrothed to a sexy gal like that, we hope Fernando was home preparing a more private gathering. For two. Shaki was looking her stunning self even though she was makeup-free, adding to the low-key yet friendly vibe of the lunch, scoped our posh eyes. She and her party of five sat in a booth and munched on the most fab dishes the place had to offer, natch. Someone else also surprisingly low-key was...

Mischa Barton, Tuesday night at Bardot in H'wood. The shockingly sober D-lister was "happy to be back home at one of her favorite places," blabbed a friend. Did anyone really know she was gone? A dry Misch apparently complements her bod, 'cause our partier dished Barton looked quite thin dressed in her short denim cutoffs and a plaid flannel shirt. Also hanging and enjoying the jazz night was...

Justin Long, fresh off his He's Just Not That Into You premiere, the guy opted for a comfy ensemble of jeans and a blue tee. "He was full of smiles and quirky dancing," dished an onlooker, adding that Drew's ex was quite social as he sipped on his Corona and was simply his "adorable" self. Why did those two ever break up again?

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Whitney English

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