You might have thought it was impossible for Kate Gosselin's family to get any bigger, but in the next episode of Kate Plus 8, the family proves there's always room for more in their house.

In this sneak peek of the big episode, exclusive to E! News, Kate and the family welcome two new little ones into the fold. Only these new faces are covered in fur.

"Another change this summer is the addition of two new puppies," Kate shares. "We've been talking about it for years and, finally, they're here."

"This is Nanook Juno Gosselin," the kids say, introducing the adorable pups. "And this is Mack Jacobi Gosselin." Why Nanook? It's the word Eskimos use for polar bear, of course. And Mack? Well, he's just Mack. Not everything comes with a hidden meaning!

It isn't all fun and games for the kids now that the puppies have come along, though. "Pretty much our whole summer has revolved around puppies," they explain. "I have not slept in my bed once this summer yet. We've been sleeping in the basement, the front living room, wherever the puppies are. Because we have to let them out, like, every two hours of the night."

It isn't all puppy love this week, though. The kids get a little attention of their own as the sextuplets turn 12 and Kate plans an elaborate scavenger hunt for everyone to celebrate. For a glimpse of just how well-planned this party is, check out the clip above.

Kate Plus 8 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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