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It's the season for giving! But let's be real—shopping for men can be stressful.

Whether you're a shopaholic or a thrifty spender, it's always hard to figure out what any guy wants. Luckily, we've got the answers to make holiday shopping for him pain-free.

"Men usually purchase all of their big ticket stuff, but forget the small detail items you need for everyday life," said celebrity stylist and designer Paige Geran. Working with high-profile ballers, such as Kobe Bryant, Deandre Jordan and Clay Matthews, she can be considered an expert on what men want. "Wallets, passport covers, toiletry bags and grooming products are always good options. If you're shopping for a man that has everything, the Gucci Ghost duffle is my season's pick."

Everyone wants a gift that's tailored to their personality and lifestyle. Whether you're shopping for your "cool" dad, your superstar boyfriend, your immature little brother or just a friend, we've got a gift for him. Check out our holiday gift guides below!

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The Baller

For Guys Like: Drake, Scott Disick, Tyga

This guy has it all: the money, the cars and the clothes. What do you buy the guy that has everything? Well, if you're Kylie Jenner, you might go for a 60-carat diamond bracelet. But, if you aren't a 20-something multimillionaire, click here for items that will make him smile.

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The Funny Guy

For Guys Like: Kevin Hart, Chris Pratt, Seth Rogan

Everyone loves this guy, because when he's around it's always a good time. His gifts should be as fun and quirky as his personality. We've got a list that will keep the laughter going throughout the holiday season.

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The Cool Dad

For Guys Like: Ashton Kutcher, Dax Shepard, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham

All fathers secretly want to be the "cool" dad, although few make the cut. This season, grant his wish and give him a gift that will make him feel young again. Our Cool Dad gift guide is filled with on-trend items that will keep him hip throughout the year.

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The Intellectual

For Guys Like: Jim Parsons, Jesse Eisenberg, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This guy keeps you on your toes with his wit and intellect. He's cultured. He's brilliant. He's accomplished. He needs a gift that inspires him and exemplifies your undying support of his ambition. Check out our selection of witty gifts for the smarty in your life.

ESC: 2016 Gift Guide, The Perpetual Best Friend, Widge

The Best Friend

For Guys Like: John Krasinski, Neil Patrick Harris, Paul Rudd

You love him, but let's be honest, he'll always be a friend. What do you buy your friend-zoned guy? You want to show him that you care and you'll always be his bestie. But, you don't want to give him any false hope. We've got some ideas for the perfect gift for guy you love (like a brother).

Looking for gifts that give back? Check out Lauren Conrad's gift guide and stay tuned for more holiday ideas specially curated for any person you had in mind!

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