Are you ready for This Is Us' first holiday episode?

That's right, we're all invited to the Pearson family's Thanksgiving feast, where turkey, sentimental flashbacks and dramatic conversations and reveals will be served in tonight's episode of the NBC hit drama.

"When families get together, there's things that haven't been said or things that need to be said, so there will be conversations," star Chrissy Metz teased when she visited E! News with co-star Chris Sullivan.  But will Toby finally be meeting the rest of Kate's family during the holiday episode? "One never knows until it airs on television," Sullivan hedged, but later said people tend to "share secrets" at a Thanksgiving dinner table. 

This Is Us


And though we're already eight episodes into This Is Us' first season, we've yet to see Kate interact with her mom, Rebecca (Mandy Moore ), as an adult. But that's about to change. 

"Kate and Rebecca don't have the most amazing relationship because of what's happened in the past, and if it's not addressed it's kind of moved into the adulthood," Metz teased of the mother-daughter dynamic. "They love each other but they don't always understand each other."

But we might get to see the duo sing together, as Sullivan added, "Maybe in the future things will be a little more harmonious." A duet between Moore and Metz? Yes, please!

For more This Is Us scoop from Metz and Sullivan, watch our interview with the stars above. 

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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