Gender Reveal Fail

Caters Clips

Gender reveals are supposed to be an exciting time, but when they don't end up doing what they're supposed to do, things can get a little tense. When Joe and Leela invited their friends and family to their Minnesota home to uncover the gender of their baby on the way, they ran into a bit of a problem, noted. By the end of the reveal, they, along with everyone else gathered in their yard, still had no idea if they were having a boy or a girl. How is that possible? Well, when you blindly put your trust in a balloon store to reveal one of the most important moments in a parents life, you might encounter a few issues. That's exactly what the couple did. "We wanted it to be a surprise for everybody, and that's where the problem originated," Joe remarked in an interview with the website.

The couple passed along the one piece of information, a card, given to them by their doctor, which stated the gender of their baby, to the balloon store. "In retrospect, we should have given the information to a friend," Joe continued. Lesson learned! 

Instead of traditional pink or blue balloons, they were greeted by an assortment of rainbow ones instead. While the video is hilarious, and their friends and family laughed it off, it was clear that the couple was not having it. Their faces say it all. 

Originally, the couple thought the balloon shop didn't put that important card in the box as they requested. Later, they discovered it was hiding under one of the flaps. There is a happy and adorable ending to this story, BTW. After the couple found the card and discovered their baby was a boy, their friends and family decided to redo the reveal. They gathered together a bunch of extra party decorations and filled the box with blue balloons. The couple opened the box on camera for the second time and got the reveal they wanted all along.

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