Priyanka Chopra, Tony Goldwyn, Watch What Happens Live


Tony Goldwyn and Priyanka Chopra got down and dirty with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday.

The Scandal actor and Quantico actress played "Never Have I Ever Whatsoever" with the Bravo show host and had to come clean about some of their secrets...with a drink in hand. The rules were simple: if either star had done something, they drank. If they hadn't done it, they could put their drinks down.

Andy began the game with a fairly innocent question of whether either of them had ever tried to steal something from wardrobe. Prinyanka held onto her drink, but President Fitzgerald drank! Tsk tsk, Tony. But then both actors had to take a sip of their cocktails when the WWHL host asked if either of them had developed a crush on their co-stars.

Ooh la la! 

Perhaps the most surprising question (and answer) was when Andy asked if either had ever turned down a role because he/she didn't like the lead actor cast. Tony didn't take a drink but Priyanka did! She didn't reveal with whom she didn't get along.

Andy kicked up the steam a little bit when he asked if either had ever gotten "excited" during a kissing scene. "I'm just going to put that down," Priyanka joked. We guess she really doesn't get worked up about romantic moments! 

Tony and Priyanka continued to come clean about some of their experiences in Hollywood, and one of them even confessed to getting "blackout drunk" at a cast party. To find out who, watch the video!

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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