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When it comes to people who've starred on reality TV shows, they typically see 15 minutes of fame before Hollywood feasts its appetite on someone else.

However, there are those rare occurrences in which reality stars end up with massive success stories.

For example, some people forget about the fact that Carrie Underwood first started off in the industry as a contestant on American Idol. She ended up winning the whole dang thing in 2005, and now she's one of country music's most decorated artists. 

Another prime example is Lauren Conrad. Though teens and tweens today are obsessing over her as a fashion designer and blogger, O.G. L.C. fans loved her as one of the main gals on the MTV reality series, Laguna Beach (and then, of course, The Hills). 

Check out more celebs who gained massive success from their reality TV shows by watching the video above!

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