Have you voted yet? If not...surely you're planning on it tomorrow!

Aside from the fact that you truly earn the right to complain exhaustively about our leaders if you vote, surely at least one of the many celebrities who've been weighing in on this campaign season has inspired/entertained/angered/urged you to get out there and make sure your voice is heard.

Hollywood has played a role in the process for decades, sometimes even by offering up its own candidates, but 2016 in particular has seen an influx of stars not just taking sides, but going the extra (and usually pretty funny) mile to remind people that voting is more or less imperative.

So in case you missed any of their best efforts over the past few weeks, here they are right now. You can thank them later...

Before going to the polls, Katy Perry reminded us that "you can look like s--t when you vote" and rolling out of bed and setting out in your pj's—or your birthday suit, whatever you sleep in—is A-OK.

Speaking of nudity, dozens of A-listers banded together for this Joss Whedon-directed "Save the Day" spot that promises Mark Ruffalo will "have his dick out" in his next movie if they get their desired result come election day—that is, if every single one of you gets out there and votes. Not just for president, either, but for congresspeople, local leaders, ballot measures, propositions, etc.

"We're all in this together," Robert Downey Jr. reminds us.

Alec Baldwin is all in for Charlie Brown, and he wants you to be, so he encouraged potential voters to visit PeanutsRockstheVote.com.

Chris Pine stars as Congress, your obstinate, whiny co-worker of dubious morality, in this Save the Day spot about the importance of voting—because it isn't just the president we're picking this year.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom sings, of course, a "We Are the World"-inspired but profane and entirely NSFW ballad with help from Elizabeth Banks, Amber RoseMoby, Adam Scott, Mayim BialikJaime Camil, Naya Rivera, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jane Lynch, Patti LuPonePaul Scheer and more.

Registered to vote, but not entirely sure where to go tomorrow? Check your registration status and find your polling place at Headcount.org.

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