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It may be November, but Jimmy Kimmel's mind is still on Halloween. 

Just a few days after his annual roundup of parents telling their children they ate every last drop of their candy, the late-night host did it again by airing a few more late submissions.

"I could not have been clearer about the deadline, but we got so many strong submissions after that deadline, we didn't feel right about ignoring them," he informed the audience. 

We're happy he didn't—the second clip is equally guaranteed to make you laugh out loud over and over again. 

From jaws dropping to hysterical tears, Kimmel delivered four more minutes of raw candy-less emotion. While one kid clenched his chest in despair, another was endlessly confused as she looked into her empty candy pail. 

"All gone, mommy?" the toddler adorably asked her mother. "I ate it" the parent confirmed. Another little girl had to hear her mother deliver the news a second time because she didn't believe it. "Are you serious?" she asked before having a meltdown. 

One kid was so mad when his mom delivered the news in the car that he hurled an object right at the camera. 

Another highlight moment was when one boy was so distraught, he stormed out of the house and into the street to get away. 

Still, there was no fooling one devoted fan. 

"I know this is the Jimmy Kimmel trick," one boy said. "That used to be my favorite show." Caught you, mom!

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