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Don't worry, fans of The Walking Dead. Steven Yeun isn't lost forever.

Although Yeun's character Glenn is dead on the hit TV show, he won't be gone from the small screen forever, as he revealed on Conan Thursday night that he already booked a new gig.

"I got a new job already," Yeun told Conan O'Brien. "I stand in for you at rehearsal."

Surprised, Conan said she had heard someone had taken the job but didn't know who. "I heard about this recently—I don't come in for rehearsals as you can tell—Andy [Richter] and I are flown in by helicopter seconds before the show begins," Conan said. "But I don't hang out at rehearsal and they said someone is filling in for me." 

Conan and Yeun then showed tape of Yeun filling-in for the redheaded host during rehearsals, and it was nothing short of hilarious. Although Yeun already has booked a movie in his post-TWD life, perhaps he should consider being Conan's rehearsal stand in! The videos showed Yeun futzing around Conan's desk, using the microphone and the host's other nick nacks, all while saying, "This is easy."

Then Yeun became serious. "Everyone's fired," he said. "We're shutting this thing down. Now you just gotta listen to me play guitar for four hours."

Yeun was definitely feeling emotional that day, as he also started to look into a mirror and cry. "You are going to be funny," he told himself while sobbing. "You're going to be funny."

In an attempted to really be Conan's perfect fill-in, Yeun put on a red wig.

"Is this red enough?" he asked.

We'll let you be the judge of that.

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