James Corden, Niall Horan, The Late Late Show

Terence Patrick/CBS

Move over, Magic Mike—there are two new guys in town collecting candy. 

To the tune of Ginuwine's "Pony," James Corden and One Direction's Niall Horanhit the neighborhood to start their Halloween sweet treat hunt while belting their newly minted track, "Candy."

"I'm Captain Sugar Daddy because I'm about to starburst," Corden crooned seductively at a neighbor. 

In between comparing Hershey bar sizes and grinding with gravestones, the music video got the neighborhood women's blood pumping. "Girl, when you break me off a Kit Kat, I'm gonna make your tootsie pop," Horan promised. 


One Direction

One thing the men really want to know is: "What is your Halloween fantasy?" 

"You want a ghost? Baby, boo!" Horan sang from underneath a sheet. "Want a cow? Baby, moo."

In the end, it seems Niall won the affections of the lady handing out candy, because she swiftly grabbed him and pulled him into her house, closing the door on the Late Late Show host.

Sorry, Corden—guess she wasn't looking for a Batman with some pop rocks. 

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