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Twitter: Catie Callaghan

Whether you believe in signs or not, you'll probably be wiping your eyes by the end of this article. Anyone knows how hard it is to lose a pet, and it looks like Catie Callaghan's experience was no different. "So my 15-year-old dog passed away two days ago," she tweeted. "My mom found his bowl like this tonight. Doggie heaven does exist. Love you, Bandit." If you haven't already made it out from the picture, there's a little smiley face that appeared, in water, at the bottom of the bowl. Naturally, Twitter was touched as hell by the pic and started leaving crying GIFs in response to the moving post. It currently has 28,466 likes and 9,645 Retweets, because dogs are bomb and losing them sucks. "I know this both ruined and made my whole day," one user wrote. "Crying my eyes out but it's fine I'm fine," tweeted another. 

One person was all of us when they were tagged to the post by a friend. "Why did you tag me in this? I am literally (not figuratively) crying in lecture." Yep. Pretty much. Catie explained to BuzzFeed News, the 15-year-old pup passed away during one of the many surgeries he underwent in his lifetime. Too much. She continued to explain that while he had a special relationship with her father, Bandit was a hit with everyone. "My family is extremely happy about how everyone has seen the tweet," she noted. 

We can't deal. 

Us too.


"It warms our hearts and makes us feel good about it." Aww. Who knew a bowl with some water shaped into a smiley face could mean so much? Doggie heaven is real, you guys. If you're still not a believer after seeing this, you're probably not a dog person. Also take a good look at all of those crying memes. If those don't make you say "it me," perhaps your heart is made of coal. "Aw I'm too fragile for this," someone commented. We feel you, Twitter. R.I.P. Bandit! 

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