Tom Hanks, Big

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There's no denying Tom Hanks' talent, but it's his memory that might prove to be even more impressive.

Filmmakers Wesley Chan and Philip Wang, part of the YouTube channel Wong Fu Productions, caught up with Hanks and director Ron Howard at the Inferno premiere in Florence, Italy. Chan and Wang participated in a quick Q&A session with Hanks and Howard, and then a starstruck Wang asked Hanks for a favor—to recite the famous rap from Big with him.

Without skipping a beat, Hanks recited the rap in full with as much enthusiasm as he did in the original movie, which came out 28 years ago. Watch the videos to see just how impressive Hanks' skills remain!

The Sully star is no stranger to nostalgia and his fans' passion for it, as he reunited with former co-star Meg Ryan earlier this year for her directorial debut Ithaca. E! News caught up with Ryan at the Ithaca premiere where she couldn't help but gush about her longtime friend.

"He's so cute, isn't he?" she said of Hanks. "He's so good and sweet. He's got like this much [indicates a small amount with her fingers] to do in the movie, but he just hits it out of the park." 

Ryan, on the other hand, doesn't quite feel the same nostalgia as Hanks does. When asked if she ever looks back on her older, iconic films, Ryan gave a resounding, "No!"

"I haven't really seen the movies very often," she said. "I mean, maybe I've seen each one of them once...We're talking about like a million years ago now!"

Inferno lands in theaters Oct. 28, 2016.

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