Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn can do no wrong.

The comedic actresses released a music video on Tidal Friday, set to Beyoncé's "Formation." The clip, which also features Joan Cusack, Wanda Sykes and stunt doubles, was filmed while Schumer and Hawn were filming their mother-daughter comedy, due out sometime in 2017.

"When on an island with @goldiehawn @iamwandasykes & Joan Cusack… you listen to @beyonce and get in formation," Schumer tweeted Friday. Hawn, who's making her long awaited return to the silver screen, loved playing Schumer's mother. In an Instagram video published Thursday, she wrote, "Can't begin to tell you how much I miss Hawaii and my baby."

After the music video was released, Hawn shared an Instagram picture of the film's largely female cast and crew. "Nobody does it better!" the actress, 70, wrote in the caption. "Go girls."

The movie was a labor of love, but luring Hawn out of retirement wasn't easy.

"I met her on an airplane a couple of years ago and told her there's a movie I really want to make with her. And she was very nice. 'OK, honey.' She probably thought I was a psycho. 'OK, crazy person,'" Schumer revealed to The Los Angeles Times in August while promoting her memoir. "Then I'd meet her at different things, saying, 'We're making this movie together,' and I think, eventually, some people got in her ear and told her I wasn't crazy, that I make things."

Three weeks ago, Hawn shared details about the film on ITV's Loose Women. Schumer's persistence charmed Hawn. "She's so adorable, and I thought, 'I'd be a good mom for her,'" the actress said, adding, "She's crazy, but that's why I love her!"

Plot details weren't revealed until closer to production. "I didn't read the script until a year later," Hawn admitted. What she later learned, though, was that "it's an action-adventure mother-daughter comedy. It has not been named I don't know what they're going to come up with." They spent three months in Hawaii, with Hawn joking she had a "terrible time."

The actress also revealed that her character is "not anything like me," as she's "frightened of everything and doesn't go out." Plus, her husband left her and "she's got a dysfunctional son."

As for Schumer? "My character is supposed to go on this trip South America with a boyfriend. But he breaks up with her," she told the newspaper. That's where Hawn's character comes into play. "It's a nonrefundable ticket," Schumer, 35, added, "and she doesn't want to drink alone."

Schumer wrote the script with her sister, Kim Caramele, and Katie Dippold. Unlike some female protagonists, "We're very much in charge of our own destiny," Schumer explained. "There's no other way to be." If that isn't enough of a selling point, she added, "It's a Goldie Hawn movie and she's gorgeous. Goldie...Hawn! I don't remember the first time I didn't love her!"

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